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About No Problem Child

No Problem Child's educational philosophy is based on a very simple idea: All problems associated with a child's development or learning are caused externally.

What this means is that there is no such thing as a 'problem child'. If a child is manifesting behaviour which is considered to be problematic then either a) the perception is wrong or b) the problem is being caused by a disfunctionality of the child's environment.

Let's briefly examine those two possibilities.

a) The perception is wrong

John Lennon, for example, was terrible at maths and, as a result, had a bad attitude towards it. His Maths teacher said to him, as quoted by John Lennon, "If you continue like this you will never be successful." The Maths teacher was working on the assumption that Maths is important and you need to be good at it to be successful. John Lennon had a brain which was highly developed towards art and as a result his ability in Maths suffered. But this was not a problem. He was a great artist. The teacher's perception was wrong - there was no problem.

b) There is a disfunctionality in a child's environment

To take an obvious example, many children are restless and disruptive in a classroom environment. This can be a serious problem for a classroom teacher, but the problem is not with the child; the problem is a learning environment where children are confined to a room for prolonged periods. Any sane human being would feel restless and the ones who express their frustration may well be the most intellectually or spiritually developed. In any unnatural situation where human behaviour is being confined and controlled, there will always be one individual who manifests the most disruptive behaviour and who gets labeled as the 'problem' - but in fact the problem is the environment, the problem is not the child.


The philosophy of No Problem Child is that any problem being experienced by a child, either wrongly or rightly perceived by the adults in the child's life, can be solved by changing the external circumstances of the child's life. In many cases this can be achieved simply by changing the perceptions of the key adults. In other cases, changes in the child's environment need to be changed such as taking the child out of school and creating an alternative educational environment, or by making changes to a child's home life.

No Problem Child is the free online education service for parents.

No Problem Child is the free online education service for parents.

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